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Passionate in nature and dogs since ever!
Newfoundland breeder since 1995 under the “Newfies” prefix
International judge of the Newfoundland breed since 2002

Board member, founder, secretary, auditor of several canine organizations, including the Palermo Kennel Club
Delegate to the regional canine council of Sicily
Vice president and board member of the Italian breed club for the Newfoundland, the Club Italiano del Terranova
Chairman of the breed club’s breeding committee, responsible for drafting the regulations for its club championship
Member of the Italian Kennel Club ENCI’s discipline committee
Has represented the Italian Kennel Club as a member of the FCI’s Rescue Dogs Commission, responsible for drawing up the international “Rescue dog tests”, rules for the certification of those dogs to be used for search, avalanche and rescue of missing persons, in natural and urban disaster sites, and for water rescue
Special Commissioner of CIABS (Italian club of Swiss mountain dogs)
Member in the examination board for Italian judges
Has held numerous seminars about Cane Corso breed, even in the last World Dog Show in Milan

Has judged at sanctioned national and international shows all over the world
Has judged at many specialties of Cane Corso throughout Italy, as well as in Europe, United States of America, Russia and even at the World Dog Show 2015
Has been invited to several specialties of Newfoundland and to the prestigious Golden Cup 2016 in Denmark.



1975 Joined the German Foxterrier Club, Deutscher Foxterrier
Verband (DFV) e. V. Registration of the kennel “vom Schwanental” 1982.
Joined the German Terrier Club, Klub für Terrier (KfT) e. V.
Successes in breeding and showing.
Proudly I have produced five World winners, many European,
Bundes- and Club winner,
My dogs have attained many Champion titles, e. g.
International, German (VDH, DFV), Luxembourgian, CSSR,
Swiss and Austrian Champion, Winner Amsterdam, Belgian
Winner, Holland Winner. Among my successes, “FCI-Group III” 35 times, several times winning “Best in Show” all Breeds at CACIB Shows.
I have been the exhibition director of a Special-CC show for
Wire and Smooth Foxterrier in Heppenheim.
As well I have been the exhibition director of a Special-CC
show for all breeds of the DFV, KfT and I German Bullterrier
Club (Deutscher Club für Terrier e. V., DCBT) in
I served as Chairman of the local group “Hessen-Sued” in the
DFV and KfT for many years. I was elected to the Director of the breeders’ board in the DFV in 1990 with three re elections. I developed the new breeding regulations of the DFV with the help of Mr. Jochen Eberhardt.
I was also appointed as a ‘Zuchtwart’ for all breeds in care of the KfT in 1992.
Training of many ‘Zuchtwarten’, which means that I am
qualified to teach others to evaluate and tattoo puppies under
VDH/KfT rules, either for companion or breeding quality.
I was elected to the Director of the judges’ board in the KfT in
2009 and continue to officiate this function.
Specialist judge career
I was appointed as a specialist judge for Wire and Smooth
Foxterrier in 1987. I was appointed as a specialist judge for all breeds in care of
the KfT in 1995. I have had many judging appointments in Germany and
foreign countries from 1987 to 2012. I have also trained many judges.
Group judge career.
Appointed as a group judge for the FCI-Group III in December 1996.
Appointed as a group judge for the FCI-Group IX in May 2002.
Appointed as a group judge for the FCI-Group IV in May 2008.
Judging activities.
Invited to judge at many Special-CC shows. Invited to judge several times at European and Bundeswinner shows of the German Kennel Club, Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen, VDH. Invited to judge at the KfT’s club shows in honor of its 100th and 110th birthday.
Invited to judge in England Internationally Terrier Show and
Dog Show Winsor 2018. Invited to judge several times at the European Dog Shows of the FCI. Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2006 in Poznan,
Poland. Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2009 in Bratislava,
Slovakia.Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2012 in Salzburg,
Austria. Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2013 in Budapest,
Hungary. Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2016 in Moscau
Russland. Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig



Univ. Degree: Economics and Management; MBA in Management
Born: Lisbon, Portugal
1) Breeder
It´s a great honour for me judging for the very first time in historic City of Minsk, Belorussia.
I´d like to say thank you to all Committee for your kind invitation and I hope to do my best work, for sure I will appreciate excellent dogs and great organization.
- Breeder since 1989 with the name “von BISPUS“
- Breeder of Boxers and Boston Terriers
- Breeder of many Champions and International Champions, more than 100 Champion titles.
- Breeder of two Atibox World Champions, European Champion, Breeder of many other International Champions in the breeds Boxer and Boston Terrier.
2) F.C.I Judge
- International Judge FCI, AKC and KC of England
- International Judge since 1996
- Recognized CACIB Judge for the breeds:
Portuguese Breeds
Group - 2
AUTHORIZED FOR ALL GROUP and Judge for Finals.
Group – 9
Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Pug and Pekingese
3) Dog Activities
- Handler and Ring stewart for many years
- Member of Commissions under the Portuguese Kennel Club
- Vice-President of the Portuguese Boxer Club 1992-2001
- ATIBOX International Delegate 1992-2001 // 2007-2011
- ATIBOX executive manager in 2000 ( Portugal )
- Committee Board Member of English bulldog Club of Portugal 2003-2006

   JEAVONS, GUY (Canada)


Судья по всем породам собак РКФ-FCI, инструктор-доессировщик.
Президент КЕННЕЛ-КЛУБА Санкт-Петербурга с 1991 года по настоящее время.
В кинологии с 1976 года. Домашние породы эрдель-терьер, все разновидности шнауцеров. В настоящее время является совладельцем питомника «НЕВСКИЙ ХОББИТ», культивирующий породы брюссельский гриффон, бельгийский гриффон, пти-брабансон, кинг-чарльз спаниель.
Судил на национальных и интернациональных выставках в странах Европы и Азии.



I was born in 1967 in Smederevo, Serbia.
My first pure bred dog was a German Sheppard. I showed him for the first time in Belgrade in 1982. When I moved to Belgrade for studying I was without a dog for several years. In 1993 I decided to buy an English Cocker Spaniel.
My first spaniel had a very interesting pedigree and became a first dog in Serbia who passed the working test, first International champion in the breed in Serbia and many other “firsts”. The kennel name “Jasenak” was established in 1999. Being successful in breeding, my dogs won many titles including World and European Winners, many International and National champions of many European countries, Top spaniel of the year, Top dog of the Year all breeds and many, many others.
After I got married, my wife Dragana and me started with poodles in 2002. So, today, Jasenak focuses mainly on Poodles. We have owned and produced many champions at all levels all over the world. My wife is the person in charge for breeding and thanks to her Jasenak poodles keep carrying on Jasenak flag very high in dog world.
Becoming a judge was a natural direction in my further development, so I become a judge in 1999. My first appointment was in 2000 and until now I have judged in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxemburg, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.
At the moment I am licensed for all breeds from Groups 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9. My ambition is to add some more breeds later.
Serbian Kennel Club awarded me with Bronze Medal of Merit in cynology.



Эксперт FCI Международной категории по всем породам собак. Судейский стаж с 1994 г.
Владельниц питомника "Сузорье от Элен", заводчик собак породы русский той, французский бульдог, папильон, йоркширский терьер, чихуахуа.
С 1996 г. основатель и руководитель клуба "Любителей Животных "Хобби".
Регулярно проводит судейство на различных выставках в Беларуси и за рубежом.