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Since I was a boy my life was always conected with dogs but it had to be in the UK when I first started to realize that I would be very close to them.

This is early seventys when I got together with the Dog World, dog breeders and dog fanciers.

Terriers have always been my passion and my first breed in partnership with my brother Joseph was a Scottish Terrier.

Then, soon we had our first STUANE´S from Mr.Stuart Plane, and after came…
BRIO´S, WILJOY´S, and SCARISTA´S from Miss Miller and
Mr and Mrs Falconer from Scotland.

During so long, we bred Scottish and Westy´s and we had a very famous UK Champion that made us feel so happy as he reproduced very good dogs.

We are now closer to breeds like Sealyham as well as Cairn terrier, mainly from Swedish and Scottish lines where we have been breeding for the last fifteen years.
Thanks to our partner Sr. Javier Astorki ( “KAIFER” ) we are also very proud to breed and show fantastic Cairn terriers and now we have our own lines.

My life in the Dog World has always been together with the Public Relations area
Where I had to assist for more than twenty five years most important judges from all over the world.

FCI assambleys, World Dog Shows, European Dog Shows and other major events as Montgomery or Westminster and thirty three years visiting and helping at Crufts Dog Show.......

At the moment I spend mostly my time organizing International dog shows and judging permanently all over Europe.
Always bussy helping new breeders with new breeding programs and choosing the
“ pic of the litter ” for our near future expectations.
In the last twenty years, I have been judging in countries like :

Austria, Belgium ( European Dog Show 2016 Brussels ), Bielorussia, Bulgaria, Croatia,
Chech Republik, China Kennel Union, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, Norway, Poland, ( Worl Dog Show 2006 Poznan ) Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenja, South Afrika, Romania, ( Europen Dog Show 2012 Bucharest), Russia ( Eurasia 2010, Eurasia 2014, Eurasia 2015, Worl Dog Show 2016 Moscow), Serbia, Thailand, The Netherlands ( European Dog show 2011 Leeuwarden ), Ukraina.....
as well as The Contest of Champions in London last April 2013.


 nemanja jovanovic  JOVANOVIC, NEMANJA (Serbia)
 Roland Spörr


First dog with breed and show run Rhodesian Ridgeback
Beginning of 1994 - 2004, then with Thailand Ridgeback Dog on.
From 2001 with poodle medium and standard and kennel name
"Evolution of Stars", now more since 2015 with bitch Sloughi,
in racing and exhibition active.
Judge training started in 2002, as a judge from 2004.
As an exhibition and breeding judge traveling internationally,
Breeding judge for Rhodesian Ridgeback in Switzerland and Austria.
Junior Handling Judge International.
Race list according to the current status Judge list ÖKV / FCI

 Lenka Frnčová

FRNCOVA, LENKA (Czech Republik)

Ленка Фрнчова - учитель по профессии, более 30 лет является
владельцем питомника собак породы бигль - "WEINLINIE".
На протяжении многих лет она активно участвовала в выставках,
показывая собак, но в настоящее время чаще работает в качестве
Она является международным экспертом для IV, V, VI,VIII, NON FCI групп FCI и
нескольких пород X группы.
Она также проводит экспертизу соревнований и испытаний охотничьих собак.
Вместе со своим мужем - Ладиславом, она также участвует в разведении
собак породы Джек Рассел терьер.


 Liliane De Ridder Onghena DE RIDDER-ONGHENA, LILIANE (Belgium)
 foto CV Elena


Elena Agafonova was born in Russia, in Moscow. She graduated from the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University. PhD, MBA degree. Graduated cynological course of RKF-FCI breeding and dog show judging. She also was the breeder of Russian Borzoi, Italian Greyhound, French bulldog and Central Asia Shepherd. Now she lives and works in Italy, in Rome. She is married to Salvatore Tripoli, the Italian judge.
Since 2006 she is the owner of Italian Greyhound Kennel “Giardini dello Zar”. Elena is an experienced and responsible breeder. Dogs of her kennel are often became winners in all world.
Elena is all rounder judge ENCI -FCI, she lectures on dog breeding. She also the author of articles in some magazines in Russia and Italy. Judged at international dog shows CAC/CACIB: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Greece, Cina, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finlandia, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, India, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, UK.
Elena speaks in Russian, English, Italian and German.

 Salvatore Tripoli


I was, in the past, breeder of English Cocker Spaniel and owner of more tan one Great Danes; now I breed only few top level Italian Braccos; the most famous of my Italian Braccos is Axel del Monte Alago, BIS in FCI World Dog Show 2006 in Poland and BIS in Eukanuba World Challenge 2009 in Los Angeles.
My Kennel name is “del Tavuliddaro”.
I became judge when I was only 25 years old.
I was member and Vice-President, about for ten years, of Central Board of Italian Breed Club for Great Danes.
I was member, about for more that ten years, of the Central Board of Italian Breed Club of Spaniels, where, I' was Vice-President until few years ago.

Today I am only member of the Board of Auditors of SABI, the Italian Bracco breeders club.
I judged in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bielorussia, Brasil, Bulgaria, Ceka Repubblic, Chile, China, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Holland, Hungary, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino Repubblic, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraina, Uruguay and Venezuela.
I was also teacher in some courses of cynotechny for aspiring judges and member of board for practical examinations.
Starting from 2001 I’m writer and scientific consultant of “The Dog Great Encyclopaedia” (five volumes) of the biggest Italian publishing house DeAgostini, during 2004 I had been writer for “Quattro Zampe” (Four Legs) and from 2006 also writer for “Giornale di Sicilia” (Sicilia’s Newspaper).
Until November 2015 I was founder and President of Samannara Association. The Samannara’s Association goal is the official recognition by FCI of the breed so called "dog of Mannara", the old Sicilian sheepdog; I’m the composer of the Mannara breed standard, to-day accepted from Italian Kennel Club who also granted a special open stud book.

 Овсянникова 1


Cудья РКФ - FCI по всем породам (с 2004 года), начала свою кинологическую деятельность в 1987 году. Является судьей по рабочим качествам собак, кермастером по породам немецкая овчарка и ротвейлер.Проводила экспертизы на различных выставках в России, странах СНГ, Европы, Азии, Австралии, Северной и Южной Америки. Президент Кинологической Федерации Республики Башкортостан, организатор выставок. Член Президиума РФСС и квалификационной комиссии РКФ, Имеет высшее образование (история), второе образование- зоотехния.

 Podlozhnaya Irina PODLOZHNAYA, IRINA (Belarus)
Tiana Konrad 1


Born 20.05.1982.

FCI judge for: I,II,III,IV,V,VII,VIII,IX & X FCI group and Best in Show judge.
Ever since I can remember, I have dogs. I grew up with dogs. They are my biggest love.
I' m the President of the Kennel Club Kostolac.
Daughter of the late longtime president of Serbia Kennel Club.
I m, member of board of director of KSS,
faunder member of the first Retrivers club in Serbia,in Kostolac,where organized top specialized retrivers show.
Long time breeder labradors,Chihuahua and past years Standard poodle.
I judged in many national,international,and specialized dog show in many countries around the world.
My kennel is "VIMINACIJUM" No.3426